1 page marketing piece (for email marketing)

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This will be a simple marketing email to be sent to a list of potential customers. Need in .psd and also .pdf to insert into email.

Background should be black with a gold outline of the u-shaped product "PerioChip" see attached. Gold outline needs to be in shape of the gold chip (attached) not the circle sample version. In the middle of the outlined gold chip will be the word "Revive..." also in same gold color.

Below that, we will have in white text: "...your periodontal patient's gums using the NEWLY RE-FORMULATED PerioChip®"

Next text, centered:

- Approximately HALF the cost of Arestin®
- Holds the ADA's (American Dental Association) highest clinical strength recommendation of any LAA.
- Chlorhexidine based: non-antibiotic equals no localized bacterial resistance
- Easy full dose delivery: +99% of pathogens destroyed in first 24 hours

To request an in-office demo please call 813-966-1160 or email [login to view URL]@[login to view URL]

For more information please visit: [login to view URL]

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Maoni ya Muajiri

“Very well done, fast and knew what I needed. Highly recommend. thank you!”

Picha ya Profaili erichighsmith, United States.

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