Original Logo Design for Canadian Artisan Goods Subscription Service

  • Hali: Closed
  • Zawadi: $100
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  • Mshindi: gmhamot21

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We are looking for a logo and header design for a startup monthly subscription services that delivers artisan and local goods to your doorstep.

Company Name is "MarketMix"
-The company deals only with Canadian goods, delivered to Canadians.
-The design needs to identify the brand as Canadian
- The design could incorporate a compass rose.
-The company specializes in local, artisan, and handmade goods and the logo should communicate that feeling.

The "feeling" of the logo and the brand itself: cheerful, happy, creative, bright
-the box is delivered by mail to the consumer. This invokes a feeling of joy and delight of getting to open this box of products which are enjoyable. Artisan Jam, bath salts, maple syrup. The simply enjoyments of life.

The logo must NOT incorporate any common or generic logo designs many of which, but not limited to, can be found here: [login to view URL]

Expectation is of high quality original designed due to this contest now being sealed.
Vector files must be included when contest is awarded.

Any clarifications, please post in the comments.

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“Very good to work with!”

Picha ya Profaili shields8, Canada.

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  • shields8
    Mwenye Shindano
    • Miaka 2 iliyopita

    Only a couple of days left. Some good submissions so far. Still looking for something that has a "softer feel", perhaps a bit of a vintage farmers market feel that incorporates many of the aspects of a farmers market with a Canadian identification.

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  • shields8
    Mwenye Shindano
    • Miaka 2 iliyopita

    Submissions are a bit too tech orientated. This is a brand that invokes enjoyment of the simple things. Please consider using "softer" fonts to invoke a "homegrown" or "homemade" or "Artisan" feel.

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