Ole Doc Thornley

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Hello designers. We need a illustrated mascot for an upcoming newsletter and blog "Ask Doc Thornley". This blog would allow horse owners to ask Doc Thornley health, feeding and behavioral questions about their horses for him to answer.

Doctor Thornley is a real person that lived in the late 1800s. You can see a picture and read more about him at [login to view URL]

You can take some creative licence on this drawing. The illustration does not have to look like the 80 year old Doc Thornley on the website. He could be younger, he could be in a suit and tie, in a cowboy hat, with a full beard or not.

Visit us at [login to view URL] to see our brand. It is vintage, old time veterinary / cowboy look and feel. The face should engender honesty, trust and caring.

Illustration should end up in Adobe Illustrator or similar vector file format.

I have attached a stock photo to portray the look and feel we are searching for.

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“Great design, great response to my changes. Would definitely work with this artist again. ”

Picha ya Profaili haybalancer, United States.

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    Viango Studios
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    Nice drawing for winner but I think you misguided many people with your sample.

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    Check #6 Im just finished!

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    Can you please check #3

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    #guaranteed please. thanks

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