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I need a logo for a new site I will be working with. Logo with say "Phyto Formula". These are CBD/Hemp products. If you're not familiar with CBD/Hemp products, feel free to google CBD and hemp so you can get more information on it.
I am looking for a clean, classy, design. These products are used for medicinal purposes. So, please keep that in mind when you create the logo. Also, submit your logo on a plain white background.

Attached, please find a sample logo.

Updated Notes (02/26/19): I see many of you are copying each others logo. As we are marking each and every logo are submitted for review, we are noting down who's logo being copied. Please create your own imagination and make a logo that you think would be more suitable for our company. Copying someone elses' design is not the way to win this. T

Thank you for understanding.

Should you have any other question, please let me know.

Good luck.

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“out of hundreds of logos we received, my eyes were on this logo. Everyone started to follow this guys design, I noticed it. I awarded him because he is the guy with the vision, and great design. Good luck to you buddy!!”

Picha ya Profaili aam2003spd, United States.

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