Motion Graphics (After Effects) for Web Series Show

  • Hali: Closed
  • Zawadi: $50
  • Wasilisho Zilizopokelewa: 12
  • Mshindi: edtrev

Maelezo ya Shindano

Use the colors and fonts of the "Moonshot with Professor Mears" logo to create dramatic, comic, motion graphics animations (in-show transitions) for these sayings. They should be ten to thirteen second motion graphics transitions between one section of a pop news program (covering cryptocurrency), and another.

The motion graphics will be a style as this, but original to our program, and utilizing, when possible, our fonts:

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Post one of the sayings for the contest. No need to post all four to win the contest. But you will be required to submit all four sayings in .mov and .mp4 files. The graphics will be the same, you are just changing the text.

"Crypto & Economics!"
"Crypto & Culture!"
"Crypto & Politics!"
"Crypto & Society!"

The winner will be offered another gig to do a "Moonshot!" motion graphic, in a similar, yet more animated, style.

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Maoni ya Muajiri

“Edgardo has been great. I will continue to work with him.”

Picha ya Profaili RonaldMears, United States.

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  • deviantwolf
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    working on it

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  • RonaldMears
    Mwenye Shindano
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    I have hundreds of motion graphics jobs over the next year. I am looking for someone to outsource work. Obviously, I need to make money if I am going to employ others, or it is not worth sharing my jobs, and I will just do the job myself. Whoever posts some interesting work, I will coach them about how I want it. I do these jobs quick, and I have a lot.

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    1. yahiagraph
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      so I'll share you an animation

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