mathematica code for a 3D helical structures

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I am a PhD researcher and need some illustrative 3D images to be done professionally for my presentations and scientific papers. I need the base code/design with a high quality design. I am considering all software used for this project; however, my main preference is Mathematica

I have access also to Ansys and adobe.

I need to be able to simply make changes and change colors, change background color, add new features, shades and change the angle of view in the software myself.

I have provided 3 sample of images from another colleague, and I would like you to create images and code for the following:
1- I need a version of image 2 (straight and the twisted) with similar structure to image 3 (number of hollow channels are more in image 3 and the centre core is solid). The solid core in the centre is different material and is similar size to the twisted hollow channels. If I am happy with work I will give you more work soon.

You should send me both mathematica file and complied images from different angles (front, side, side front angle view).

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“Denis is a top talent. He designed what I needed better than I expected. I changed my design parameters multiple times, and he kindly made all changes and created a model for me that is significant for my work. I highly suggest him to everyone, just don't make him to busy, as I will need him too. ;) ”

Picha ya Profaili ozariacorp, Australia.

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  • AC3Designe
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    hello, i know you have already chose a winner, but i can render that image in less than one our for 5 dollars to see if you like it most the quality of the image and also the materials, i have texture of glass that look very real!

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    1. ozariacorp
      Mwenye Shindano
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      Thanks Angelis, I got a very good design already. However, I have another job that will be posted shortly and need it quick.

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