Make a products stand for a cosmetic brand

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A products stand is required for display, as well as keeping products in retail spaces. It has to be 4 layers/levels as pic attached, upper level signage shall be around 30cm in height,
bottom level measurement, 40(width)X25(depth)cm.
depth reduces per level.
Please find appropriate measurements on sides. And, we need to design attractive display on sides.
Total height of stand should be around 160cm.

From upper level to lower level products:
1. Lip Balms
2. Aloe vera gel
3. Face wash
4. SPF 50, and SPF70

You may use materials attached, and come up with your own designs. For more info, Please reference from our fb page,

Please feel free, and no hesitations if anything not clear.


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  • Joshuahedao
    Mwenye Shindano
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    It's really great that you've adopted the structural concept. But, on sides, we need something really attractive, or really pursuasive! Secondly, backgrounds of each level, we shall rather use a single color, as because products placements would be in front, and people won't see those backgrounds. Thirdly, the upper signage, let's try something new apart from what we've provided? Thanks!!

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

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