Logo for French Restaurant & Bar

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We need a logo design for a French Restaurant & Bar that will be located in Bangkok, Thailand. Target market is upper class Thai people as well as expats residing in Bangkok.

This restaurant is two stories and will have a full kitchen and full bar. The restaurant offers a full range of high quality wines (this does not necessarily need to be included in the logo -- but can be)

We want the logo to reflect the sophisticated, high-class, warm, and cozy feel that will reflect the high standards that our restaurant lives up to. The restaurant is a trendy place where people come to enjoy dinner and drinks for a romantic dinner, dinner with friends, birthday dinners, or a fun night out on the town.

Font and colors should be modern, classy, sophisticated with added touches of luxury and elegance.

The restaurant's name is "Ivy 47". Ivy is the name of the overall restaurant while 47 represents one of it's branches. Please play with the different combinations of 47 with the name (in terms of sizing and style)

We have included pictures of the restaurant to demonstrate what vibes we are going for as well as different elements that could potentially be incorporated (drinks, designs, colors etc). Pictures and graphics can be used as long as they do not come off corny or deter from the elegance of the brand image.

Creativity is strongly encouraged! Thank you for your help!

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“Great, easy to work with, high quality work. Thank you!!!”

Picha ya Profaili bwiddows, United States.

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