Logo design for a trendy ramen restaurant

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We are starting a new ramen restaurant, and we are looking for a logo design that feels modern and trendy. The name of the business is Ramen Belly, and we are looking for a circular logo to be designed with the image of a cute pig, possibly eating out of a bowl of ramen. We want the pig design to look like a chibi style pig similar to the one attached, but we are open to other designs and your interpretation. We just ask that no clip art is used in the logo, as we want it to be unique. Besides pink for the color of the pig, we were thinking of red and white being the main colors for the logo. If you have other ideas in mind in terms of colors or design, feel free to ask or submit a logo for use to look at! We attached images of designs that you can get inspiration from, but don't necessarily only want these ideas in the logo.

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“Very professional and very good designer.”

Picha ya Profaili Jakefuku, United States.

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  • wolfblass19864
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    HARIS H. Stole my PIG DRAWING!!! What an unoriginal you are

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    1. izywi
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      You can report that

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  • izywi
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    Hello! Please check #51 , thanks!

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  • touchlogo
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    Hello Sir,
    Please Check #50 And Please Give Me A Feedback.

    Thank You.

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  • vijayrai1989
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