logo & coloring sheet - Let's Traverse the Universe

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I want a cute space themed logo for a kids show that is bright and colorful (think Lisa Frank type colors, I have included a picture of the shirt I will wear) that can also be printed in black and white to use as a coloring sheet. I am a children's entertainer, character name "Sparkle" the happy human. The title of the show is "Let's Traverse the Universe". lt uses a lot of comedy and props to teach about space. Some of the themes covered are: how literature inspires inventors, not giving up on your dreams, and how failure is part of the path to success. The inspiration picture is a rocket made out of books with two little astronauts sitting on it and planets around. I have it attached. The colors are wrong and I do not want the scribbled in background. I would like the title of the show to be included. I will need it in various formats that can be used for websites, large printed posters, and to overlay with transparent background (png file?) for other uses. I am obviously not tech savvy so please forgive my ignorance of what exactly I need. That's why I'm here.

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“Very attentive to my requests.”

Picha ya Profaili funwithsparkle, United States.

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