Illustrate famous football goals

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We are are looking for illustrations of famous goals as a giveaway in an upcoming contest.

Requirements: Illustrations in black and white, in a circle with a maximum of 2,000 pixels across.

We are looking still illustrations of these four goals (good idea to turn of sound before clicking links). The illustrations are to capture the spirit and legacy of these goals, and make them feel alive:

Andres Iniesta vs. Chelsea:
The angle should be from behind Iniesta and slightly to the right of the player. Has to show motion in a still picture, i.e. where the ball came from, where its going as well as Iniesta's stretched legs and the motion of the goalkeeper.

Zidane vs. Bayer Leverkusen:
Gerrard vs. Olympiakos:
Wayne Rooney vs. Manchester City:

Same style as Iniesta (i.e. behind the player in a suiting angle) for the three remaining goals. Remember: Only designs in black and white will be eligible.

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  • abhichaurasia28
    • Miaka 9 iliyopita

    Hello, I would like to know if you have any sample or any reference other than the video that can give a better idea of the type of work you need. Thanks

    • Miaka 9 iliyopita
    1. RetroFootie
      Mwenye Shindano
      • Miaka 9 iliyopita

      Unfortunately not. We are not too handy with illustrations ourselves.

      • Miaka 9 iliyopita
  • Eurivargas
    • Miaka 9 iliyopita

    I can do all your requeriments ...

    • Miaka 9 iliyopita
  • impulkitss
    • Miaka 9 iliyopita

    Since you have uploaded Youtube video links, Can you give exact second at which you want us to create the illustration

    • Miaka 9 iliyopita
  • dzonsailo
    • Miaka 9 iliyopita

    I think you may need to up the price :)

    • Miaka 9 iliyopita

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