I need a professional logo designed for a supplement store

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I'm starting a supplement store named "Prime Supplements" that sells whey protein, preworkouts, vitamins, fat burners etc. I'm looking for a vibrant, modern and catchy logo.
Please stick to ONLY 2 colors. I'm open for any catchy color combination as long as they are 2 colors only.
Store name "Prime Supplements" must be part of the logo and to be displayed beneath the logo.
NOT interested to see muscles or flexing logos. Happy to have it looking very professional yet creative.
Regarding the font type, I prefer having it similar to the one in my attached photo (not necessarily the same colors). I expect a logo much attractive than the attached photo!
Prefer to see demo photos of the logo displayed on a store or a structure.

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“This is my second logo design with this professional artist. Again and Again, She never fails to impress me. The best Logo Designer I have ever seen on freelancer.com. Thank you so much, 10 stars all the way. The patience, the quality, the communication, the respect she has to her customers. All 100%. I would advise anyone to save their time and just hire her. God Bless You Mahmuda H.”

Picha ya Profaili emegdad, Australia.

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