(Guaranteed) Create eBook from Video Presentation

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  • Zawadi: $100
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  • Mshindi: Shapon01

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I have a presentation in video format. I want you to convert it into proper PDF file where audio is translated in text (need someone with strong grammatical skills).
It's almost 50 minute video:

Video link: [login to view URL]
All Slides used in video are attached,

In clear words i am expecting you to convert video into nice and sensible eBook (PDF file) with proper grammar, fonts, bold, headlines etc using my presentation slides. You can also frame your own sentences if it makes more sense.

Delivery: Show final ebook in word/PDF format

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“Great job highly recommended.”

Picha ya Profaili earlogic, India.

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  • Shapon01
    • Miaka 2 iliyopita

    Check my entry #3 .

    • Miaka 2 iliyopita
  • supersystemng
    • Miaka 2 iliyopita

    This contest project is cool but you chose PDF as the format for delivering the entries.Now since this is an ebook, it means each entry is likely to contain lots of pages, at least 25 pages from what i see about the project. This makes it bulky to create screenshots of each page and then upload them one after the other. Could you work with the support so PDF format can be received as a means for sending the entries?

    • Miaka 2 iliyopita
    1. earlogic
      Mwenye Shindano
      • Miaka 2 iliyopita

      hey, in this entry, just show few pages like first 2 pages as your entry and deliver complete work only once you are chosen as winner

      • Miaka 2 iliyopita
  • supersystemng
    • Miaka 2 iliyopita

    For the 40 slides you attached with the instructions, do you mind zipping them into a single folder and uploading the new zipped folder so we can gain easy access to the docs?

    • Miaka 2 iliyopita
  • healthplus
    • Miaka 2 iliyopita

    I will convert the whole audio of the video into word or pdf format,but it will take some time.

    • Miaka 2 iliyopita

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