Graphic Design for Atlas Blue

  • Hali: Closed
  • Zawadi: $100
  • Wasilisho Zilizopokelewa: 5
  • Mshindi: BenettAdv

Maelezo ya Shindano

Design of uniformed layout for a tri-, bifolder and a flyer

Ujuzi unaopendekezwa

Maoni ya Muajiri

“Even though we have not yet reached a design that I am 100% satisfied with I could not be more satisfied because BenettAdv insist on only handing over when the material is meeting or exceeding our expectation. All in all 2 thumbs up ”

Picha ya Profaili frankdashti, Kuwait.

Bodi ya Ufafanuzi ya Umma

  • banto212
    • Miaka 12 iliyopita

    congrats benettadv!

    • Miaka 12 iliyopita
    1. BenettAdv
      • Miaka 12 iliyopita

      thank you

      • Miaka 12 iliyopita
  • BenettAdv
    • Miaka 12 iliyopita

    please check design 8-11, it`s a trifold and a brochure interior and exterior, it`s a draft and we can adjust it, best regards

    • Miaka 12 iliyopita
    1. frankdashti
      Mwenye Shindano
      • Miaka 12 iliyopita

      Hi Christian, yours chosen but must admit that is because I guaranteed the contest and your work was the only work which was not completely amateur like. I actually prefer the design that we had made in house but what to do, you are the winner and you certainly know how to use the software that you use but regretfully the result is not something I can use. Now the question is can you completely change the layout and implement a professional and corporate feel to it... maybe one would have to imagine a brochure from General Motors, Maersk, Microsoft, Apple or any other major corp.

      As I do not know much about design etc. I can not really specifically explain what is wrong but it just do not seem to signal what I imagine we are looking for. Is it the strong contrasts or color choice? I do not know but please have a look at it it would be sad I came out of here without anything.



      • Miaka 12 iliyopita
    2. BenettAdv
      • Miaka 12 iliyopita

      hello, i attach you a pdf to talk over it, please contact us in private to finish this job. i`m open to adjust anything you want. Cristian

      • Miaka 12 iliyopita

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