Fuse Pizza is seeking a logo!

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Fuse Pizza is looking for a logo. We're a startup fast casual pizza restaurant based in Perth, Western Australia. We're not like big fast food chains and whilst we one day hope to expand beyond our one store we're all about quality and freshness. That means ensuring that our ingredients are locally sourced here in Western Australia and that customers can feel reassured that when they dine with us they're supporting locally grown businesses. We want a logo that is vintage in style but reflects our modern approach to Pizza - yes we love those fancy fusion flavours (hence our name) but what we really do is excel at getting the basics right... the dough, the bake, the toppings.

We want our logo to represent our seal of quality - it's simple and effective (and hopefully in a round frame, you know, just like a pizza!). But it needs to leave a lasting impression. Our guarantee is "uniquely West Australian Pizza" done right every time.

For Pizza with a bang. Think Fuse.

If you think you can provide us with a logo then get drafting because we'd love to see your ideas.

Please no reused or generic logos that have been edited to include our name. They will be rejected. Please no stock logos. They will be rejected.

If we reject your logo it's nothing personal; we don't have time to leave feedback for everyone. Good Luck!

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“Excellent work really appreciate it!”

Picha ya Profaili PoindexterAU, Australia.

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    please see #70 for update to logo

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    #64 please. Flour + Ketchup + Poof = Pizza Fuse

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    1. UnstableEntropy
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      please feedback

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    please check#59

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    Please check #22

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    Hi!...Please check #17 Thanks!!!

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