Football (Soccer) Logo for a USA military veterans football team

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I'd like a classic football (soccer in America) logo made for a team with the name of Concord Veterans. It would be dedicated to USA military veterans. Color scheme is gold, red, and black. Required elements are red poppy, a torch with flame (the fire kind, not the flashlight), the phrase Because of the Brave, the name Concord Veterans, and five gold stars in the logo (to represent the five branches of the US military). I have attached two bad drafts I made myself but I would like creative ideas so feel free to venture away from these two designs and make something great. Thank you for your submissions!

I do not own the rights to the images I used to make my draft logo. Please use only graphics that you create or own and that are free for commercial use.

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“Great artist, I had a unique but vague concept idea and he created a great logo for me!”

Picha ya Profaili cjcelio, United States.

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  • Saleem083
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    Kindly check #35 .........It has everything you asked for [ Your described colors, Torch, 5 Golden Stars, Red Poppy, Slogan "Because of the Brave", Team Name]

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  • castellaniva
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    Please check #33 thanks

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  • planzeta
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    please check #32 thanks

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  • oromansa
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    hi Sr, you need see this #16 . Thanks!

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