Draft pages for a kids book with illustrations and drawings

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  • Zawadi: €200
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Maelezo ya Shindano

Kids book with verses and illustrations

Illustration of 10 pages color illustrations + front cover illustration.

Each page will include a header theme and a verse. The book can be done in one overall theme or with characters that goes through the book. Butterfly included file also possible. Up to the winner.

The illustrations must inspire the kids to let the fantasy and imagination run and make up their own stories when the grown up reads the lyrics or when the kid listen to the music or both. Several small stories must be told while looking at one page. The illustration style is thought to be old school drawing style, but also open for new ideas.
There will be music included in the book as well and it will be a book with focus on getting immersed into the book. The winner / bitters will get more details.

Original language is Danish and the text will be replaced with Danish

Page 1 theme: SPRING (Include text)
Music title : The Blue Anemone (Include text)

Poem / Verse : (Include text below)
Tiny anemone lives
In the dark spring soil,
Gathering strength, sprouting up,
Feeling the sun on its body.

Page 2 Theme: WINTER (include text)

Music title: The sparrow sits silently in the eaves (include text)

Verse: (Include text)
We get cold, red noses,
We get goosebumps on our arms,
when it’s stormy and it’s windy,
so we take refuge in the warmth.
We have tea and pancakes,
while we’re heating up our toes.
How lovely everything tastes,

Ujuzi unaopendekezwa

Maoni ya Muajiri

“The communication during the project has been really good. She is a creative person that has understood our needs to perfection and done really good work. Will hire again for our next project. ”

Picha ya Profaili karmakids, Denmark.

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  • HansLehr
    • Miaka 3 iliyopita

    Is each line equal to 1 page? Or 1 page must have the whole verse?

    • Miaka 3 iliyopita
    1. karmakids
      Mwenye Shindano
      • Miaka 3 iliyopita

      Page 1 has the entire 4 line verse

      • Miaka 3 iliyopita
  • adrianadoi
    • Miaka 3 iliyopita

    Hello there, I would like to participate to this contest, but you forgot to put the details about the dimensions of the book. Or we can improvise?

    • Miaka 3 iliyopita
    1. adrianadoi
      • Miaka 3 iliyopita

      It's OK, I submitted my first page, please let me know what you think

      • Miaka 3 iliyopita
    2. karmakids
      Mwenye Shindano
      • Miaka 3 iliyopita

      I like it. I answered you. Look forward to see more.

      • Miaka 3 iliyopita

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