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My name is Ale, I'm co founder of [login to view URL], we are a travel blog based in Panama. My boyfriend and I run it, but we are not making any money of it, so now we are trying to develop some products in order to start earning some cash. We need a graphic designer to help us with 3 or 4 travel tag designs that we envision to sell in our Facebook, Instagram pages and as well in our blog. We created some ideas, but mainly, we need a file that we can edit because we print the travel tags and the information for each client would be different.

#1 version should be for couples (Mr and Mrs style)
#2 version should be a travel quote
#3 version should be anything cool travel related

All tags must be 4x2.5 inches, vertical and must have space for client's name, phone number, address and email.

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“Mirelle helped me with a design for a product that I'll merchandise on my travel blog. She was really creative and organized with the proposal, plus, followed every guideline I pointed out. I'm really happy with her contribution to my brand and hope to work with her any other day. Muito Obrigada, Mirelle!”

Picha ya Profaili aleurriola, Panama.

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