Design - table stand, score card, banner, jumbo banner

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All the files required for the below 5 points are located in the google drive folder:
I will choose the one who will post all 5 points...not just one !
I want the end files in curves and in text version in pdf in separate files with fonts attached.

1.) Table stand
We have 2 liquor drinks. I want an advertising table stand. The dimensions now is 10cm width and 13cm height. The dimension can be changed as long as it is functional, meaning it has to be stable on a table. They are now like pyramids or better say triangles which stand alone on a table in a bar/restaurant. They are advertising tool to sell the liquor.
You have the style samples in modrasandkleopatra-ver1.pdf and modrasandkleoptra-ver2.pdf
They have to be in Slovenian and English language. You have to add the ministry health warning in the bottom. For Modras drink you have to add a picture of Ginger and White grapes. For Kleopatra you have to add blueberries and red grapes. I want the table stand to sell the liquors. You also have to provide some sort of text box where bars will be able to put in the price and quantity. For example: 3ml = 3€
Delete the logo Amon

2.) FootGolf score card
The design has to go to fold design.
The outside page is 1-9 holes...the 2nd page which doesn't exist yet should be holes 10-18 and meters 2.594 and par 78.
The inside should be the map and the football rules.docx. Make the rules readable !
The cells in the table have to be higher. The golfers have to be replaced by footballers !

3.) Small banner
From smallbanner.tiff make a new one with the dimensions 193cm width and 150cm height.
500m arrow right
Font should be at least 20cm high. Font should be clear and readable !

4.) Big banner
You can see the position of the banner on jumbo banner 1 and jumbo banner 2 pictures.
The dimension is 390cm width and 180cm height. This is fixed !

Obligatory text:
FootGolf Amon Olimje

The big jumbo current design is in the file BigBannerfootgolf.pdf...use this file and make adjustments for the dimension. FootGolf text has to be larger !

5.) Newsletter form
From the file newsletter.pdf redesign so we will collect emails from the guest.

The text:
AMON Olimje

(Slo) Vaš email za vpis na novice:
(Eng) Your email to subscribe to newsletter:

(Slo) V skladu z GDPR uredbo sem seznanjen, da me boste obveščali o ponudbi vaših storitev.
(Eng) In accordance with GDPR compliance I am hereby aware that you will inform me about your services.

AMON Olimje, Olimje 24, 3254 Podčetrtek, Slovenia

6.) Footgolf picture for the website
Make a footgolf picture like the one from the banner for our intro page

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“Roman is the man !”

Picha ya Profaili alexlexa, Slovenia.

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    Hi respected client, please have a look at my entry and let me know about changes. Kindly provide your feedback if possible. Thank you. #8

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    both languages

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    Dear sir, which language will be added m only English or both?

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