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We need to give some of our documents a more contemporary look. See the documents attached. Feel free to simply update the "look" or if you have an idea for a more effective layout, that's even better.

All text of documents need to be easily editable in Word or Acrobat

Quick explanation of the documents follows:
A) Simple calendar giving client itinerary
B) Document giving hotel contacts to client. Should be able to fit 9 hotels on page.
C. Hotel we want to be able to cut and paste screenshots from Googlemaps onto to document.
[login to view URL] document shows where the dates and hotels where clients luggage is being transferred along the itinerary. Should be room to put up to 12 days. Also, space somewhere to put up to 6 client names.

All documents should have a common theme. Preferred colours = red, white, black.
All documents should have Bike Switzerland Logo and Swiss Tourism logo.
Luggage transfer document should also have "Eurotrek" logo.

Designers can submit just one document to give an idea of theme, but designers submitting more (good) documents may be given more consideration.

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“Excellent designer who gave our old business templates a fresh look. He went way beyond the call of duty, helping our secretary find and install software to make the correct edits to these templates.”

Picha ya Profaili Garlicroast, Switzerland.

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