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  • Hali: Closed
  • Zawadi: $10
  • Wasilisho Zilizopokelewa: 8
  • Mshindi: misooo3

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The website name is Asgartha. I need a logo designed. Me and my girlfriend want to make a website together. She wants to become an editor and since editing is mostly freelance nowadays i thought it would be cool to get her a website and so she can show off her writing talent and maybe grow popular enough blogging to just advertise that she's a professional editor so she could get into the profession that way. She is really into paranormal and fantasy type things so it would be cool if they design was done in a fun way with lots of colors and mythical things. Also i want the letters to be almost bubbly like the siptopia logo but do it how you want. I don't want to limit your creative freedom because that would limit the overall result. The name of the website is a mix between asgard from thor and agartha which is hollow earth so maybe that will give you some ideas but it can be anything fantasy. I just want it to be fun. I attached a file that i made if it gives any ideas.

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Maoni ya Muajiri

“I made a contest to see if i could get a more professional looking logo for my website and I could not be more amazed with how well the contest went. I was getting decent submissions, but nothing that really blew me away. I tried to point the people who were submitting to the contest more direction by showing the logo i already had designed and when i did that he submitted a few different designs which were all incredible. He put a lot of passion and heart into his submissions and i really could not thank him more. He demonstrated more determination than anyone i've ever seen on a site like this and for only $10. If you have a project you should definitely trust him with it.”

Picha ya Profaili interloves, United States.

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  • misooo3
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    please check #25

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    pls check my entry #17

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