Design 3 Print Patterns for Boy/Men Swimwear

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  • Zawadi: $100
  • Wasilisho Zilizopokelewa: 18
  • Mshindi: filomenaviolante

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I would like to source some (3) designs for commercial use. The design must be original and ownership of the design will need to be 100% transferable to me at the end of the contest. There can be multiple winners of the contest. A submission consists of three designs.

The contest is to design a pattern for swimwear that would be appropriate for both a father and a son to match. So it should be a design that is fun for a child but mature enough to not look silly on a grown man. I prefer patterns that are classic or timeless and not crazy Hawaiian patterns.

The types of images that can be incorporated into the pattern include a Whale, Jelly Fish, Sea Shell, Turtle, Boat, Crab, Palm Tree, Dolphin, Pineapple

Attached are some good examples of designs that represent the simple idea of the pattern I am after.

Thank you and good luck.

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  • IrynaSokolovska
    • Miaka 2 iliyopita

    please choose the winner! :) thanks on behalf of all freelancers)))

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  • ConceptGRAPHIC
    • Miaka 2 iliyopita

    pls check #51,#52, #53 ,#54,#55,#56,#57

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    • Miaka 2 iliyopita

    Hi, can I use several colors?

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    1. klandauksu
      Mwenye Shindano
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      Yes. Multiple colors is okay. 3 colors is probably the most.

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