Design of a landing page for DATING

  • Hali: Closed
  • Zawadi: $200
  • Wasilisho Zilizopokelewa: 27
  • Mshindi: sneha15112018

Maelezo ya Shindano

Design contest:

Design of a landing page for adult-dating in whatsapp style. Site must contain green color and whatsapp logo.
Background images are optional.

The topic is about adult-dating.

Content of page:

Big headline: Get some numbers and meet people from your area
Sub headline: Do you want to date someone? Free subscription and 100% safe!

Big button to join. If the button is pressed a questionary will appear:

- questionary: 3 steps
1. gender (male or female)
2. birthdate
3. email address, accept terms of use and button to subscribe

Some extra information combined with optional icons:

- 100% free subscription
- quality labels (secure and safe)
- 100% virus tested
- real/checked profiles
- contacts from your area
- ...

Some user profiles: picture, age, short description, online status

Some comments: profile + long description, rating

one paragraph (200 words) on the bottom of the page and headline

The contest is just for the design, but it is also good to have html/css skills because we need someone to build the site.

Technical aspects:

Design should be responsive (join button / questionary should be in the
visible area).

Design should be similar to our example, but not a copy.

If you have questions, ask us.

Ujuzi unaopendekezwa

Maoni ya Muajiri

“good job!!! We enjoy the design.”

Picha ya Profaili jederkocht, Austria.

Bodi ya Ufafanuzi ya Umma

  • mzmarkib
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    Please wait wait for my Entry...

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • prantabaruawork
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    heelo sir checkout my enrty #27 . and let me know for further update.

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • usd2m
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    What is the format you want? html+ css? or psd? or wordpress?

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • Wiwastefa
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    Hi! I'm working on the contest, please wait a few hours!

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • TymmeSyde
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    Hi ! Can I have the name of the Website ?

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
    1. jederkocht
      Mwenye Shindano
      • Miaka 5 iliyopita

      hi, you do not need this name for the design..

      • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • zuttomultimedia
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    Working on it. Please wait :)

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
    1. zuttomultimedia
      • Miaka 5 iliyopita

      Can you make this contest #sealed? so no one can copy my work and other freelancer entries.

      • Miaka 5 iliyopita
    2. zuttomultimedia
      • Miaka 5 iliyopita

      Currently I have finished the top part of the website, I created this in HTML with responsive design.

      • Miaka 5 iliyopita

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