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1. WTP Buynamics logo
We are going to merge 2 companies: Buynamics and WTP.


The new company will be called WTP Buynamics so all current customers of the individual companies will recognize it. For this we need a combined logo that also matches this recognizability.

You can find the current logos enclosed

2. VRS logo
In addition, we are going to sell 2 products:
- WTP: (the orange logo stays the same)
- VRS: Vendor Rating Solutions, this is supplier vendor rating software. There is no logo for this product yet.

As far as VRS is concerned, it appeals to us to do something with the design of WTP: circle in a different color with this 3-letter abbreviation.

Also the woodpecker (or another bird that fits more with vendor rating) could remain. The style should be transparent in all cases with a touch of rebellious, with a small distinction between the 3 designs:
- WTP Buynamics: professional (message: security)
- VRS: transparent with little rebels (message: logistics - analytical)
- WTP: rebels with a bit of transparency (message: commercial – earning money)

We sell the products to the same customers: stock keeping companies in the wholesale, retail and production.

I am looking for 2 new logos:
1. WTP Buynamics
2. PCS

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Maoni ya Muajiri

“Designer Z M. is very professional and offers beautiful work. Communication in perfect English and no nonsense. It's really has been a great experience working with him.”

Picha ya Profaili dolledries25, Netherlands.

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