Design a Logo for Paint and Property Service Company

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I need a 100% original logo for a company that specializes in Exterior and Interior painting for Residential and Commercial Properties. The business also offers several property services. The Logo must include a unique icon that is similar to the current icon of the fit looking man in overalls holding the paint roller.- we are looking for creativity for the icon aspect and will choose the most standout design. The current logo icon is just a sample and is a copyright work, the new icon must be similar in feel but a completely unique design. The text should include the words:
Mid-Valley Paint
& Property Services, LCC

This text needs to be arranged in two lines so "Mid Valley Paint" is on its own line and larger with "& Property Services, LLC" on the second line. We would like you to use the google font cuprum for the Logo Text. I typically prefer a logo with the icon to the left of the text - however I am open to your creative ideas of design and will choose the best overall original design.

I look forward to your designs.

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“Thank you for your great logo and being flexible.”

Picha ya Profaili Letrab, United States.

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