Design a Logo for Diabetes Live Free

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We are looking for a company logo for "Diabetes Live Free" - a technology start-up specializing in non-invasive glucose monitoring systems.

We revolutionize the lives of diabetics by giving them the power to take back control and live a healthier pain-free life. Our needle-free glucose monitoring system simplifies the testing process, increases the frequency of testing and improves the overall quality of life for diabetics, their loved once, and the companies that employ them. Unlike traditional painful testing devices that only provide a glucose reading, our proprietary Guardian Monitoring system provides peace of mind by having someone there when you need it most.

We are open to all creative ideas but are most inclined to select a modern logo for both web and print. Wordmark and pictorial mark designs preferred.

Final logo will need to be in high resolution (300+ dpi) and delivered in vector (.eps) AND graphic (.jpg or .png) formats. Logo should also be delivered in full color mode, and also in solid white and solid black so that we can accommodate different background colors if necessary.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions. Good luck!

Update1: Please note that our system DOES NOT use blood to measure glucose levels. Please do not use a red color in the logo design.

Update2: Emphasis should be less on Diabetes and more on Live Free.

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“Submitted a great logo design that captured our requirements.”

Picha ya Profaili jessicashin, United States.

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    Please see Update #1 : NO blood or use of color red.

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