Design a Logo & come up with tag lines

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We want a logo designed for a Business Consultancy practice called the Business Improvement Group which will be trading under the BIG name. The consultancy will help companies become more profitable, efficient and will help them find investors to exit/sell the company to.
We want something along the lines of
"Thinking Exit Sale then think BIG"
"Thinking Profits then think BIG"
"Thinking Efficiency then think BIG"
The logo needs to be clean and attention grabbing but professional.

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“Setu was very impressive and responsive. He listened to my brief and created quality work. When I asked him for variations of the logo he came back with very good alternatives and very quickly. I would definitely recommend Setu to anyone.”

Picha ya Profaili billjaanderson, United Arab Emirates.

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  • romzd
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    sir, as a contest holder you have the right to reject my design but please leave a comment why you do this, and kindly can you tell me do you want more entries from me or not? please .

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  • mynguyen1505
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    Dear CH, please check entry #268, thank you

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  • katrybalko18
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    Entry #260, #261, #262, #263, #264, #265, #266,#267

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    • Miaka 2 iliyopita

    plz check #243

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  • stepentype
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    Please Check my entry

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  • keerthanashashi
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    Hi, I am a good content writer and have done several projects involving slogans, taglines and catchphrases.
    But, I'm not very proficient in logo designing. I would love it if you could consider those coming up with the taglines only? And divide the prize perhaps? Appreciate it! :)

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  • NikeStudio
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    Please check #164 #165

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  • romiakter
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    Please check my entry #105

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  • virgil2k18
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    i have attached two files #65

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  • GlossyTech
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    DO you have a Company name?

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    1. imdespro
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      read the brief

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  • AamrYemenAamo
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    Work in progress..... !

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  • tha588e01aab71a4
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