Design a Logo

  • Hali: Pending
  • Zawadi: ₹6000
  • Wasilisho Zilizopokelewa: 7
  • Mshindi: puzcan

Maelezo ya Shindano

I intent to start a multi-activity outdoor adventure / theme park, with following type of activities in India:
1. Paintball
2. ATV rides
3. Rope obstacle course
4. Kids area
5. Pool area
6. Horror house
7. A few indoor games
8. Paramotoring

The name of business: Funshala (the logo can be 1 single word, 2 words: fun shala or to ideas)

Design preferences: Clutter free design

Color: Should have good contrast, pleasing colour - open to suggestion

Preference for icons: Don't like them so much, but still open to ideas - something that signifies the nature of business i.e. fun, excitement, thrill

I would like to close this sooner than later.

Please don't sent amateur logo's made out of free tools - I could have done that myself.
Some of the entries received so far are so bad, it seems that the logo's were made in a hurry in 2 minutes.

I would appreciate if you spend some time thinking about the business, and draw up original artwork / illustration.

Some logo concepts I liked (in general), for non-competing business are attached.

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