Design a Company Logo, Revamp Existing Template for X-Cart Storefront & post changes to the website

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I have an existing website: [login to view URL] which I am planning on using to sell Performance Automotive Parts. I have had the Shopping Cart X-Cart Version 5 ([login to view URL]) installed onto it which comes with 5 generic templates.

Here is a link to the 5 generic templates,
[login to view URL][edition]=6&filter[priceType]=F&filter[sortBy]=[login to view URL]

I would be willing to use the Digital or Standard Theme as a starting point for you to build off.

I want to have a Company logo designed & I want to modify the existing skin or template as its called and have it look completely different than the generic template that the Shopping Cart came with. I want to make the site stand out. I am going to include some logos which I like and also some links to some websites that I like the design on. I look forward to seeing what you guys and girls can come up with.

Websites I like:
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]

Please let me know what you guys need from me to start this process. Thank you & Good Luck!

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  • Aburnash
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    Are you asking for a few logo images, or are you asking for us to design the website for you? The inclusion of the templates conflicts with your logo description; I'm not sure if you want us to propose icon ideas for you, or actually modify the templates as a whole, as those are two completely separate things. Please clarify this when you get the chance.

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