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File size or dimensions: 33 inches by 80 inches, add 1.5 cm for bleed

Who is the target audience for this design? Prospective customers at a trade show

We are a small and flexible business - we want a banner to help potential clients at a trade show to see that we aren't like our competitors who treat them all the same, we will craft specialized solutions for thier business. We want the images to be metaphorical to that Describe what you are looking for. We need a tall banner designed (33 inches by 80 inches)

Primary Tagline:

Secondary Tagline:
Let us craft a customized package that fits your organization.

Services List:
• Network and WebApp Penetration Testing
• Wi-Fi Security Assessments
• Social Engineering
• Covert Entry Assessments
• Incident Response
• Digital Forensics
• Malware Analysis
• Training

It was kind of hard to find example photos. We would like to focus on animals or nature that are metaphorical to not fitting in/wrong size. Like a big fish in a tiny tank. I found this one on Getty's website as an example [login to view URL] However; please feel free to find a better metaphorical image.

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“Amazing Job!”

Picha ya Profaili JITNC1, United States.

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