Create casino logo for website and socials

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  • Zawadi: €100
  • Wasilisho Zilizopokelewa: 180
  • Mshindi: NazmulislamRS

Maelezo ya Shindano

I want you to create logo both for my casino related website and for my social networks (facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram).

What I expect to receive:
1) Minimalist style and clean logo;
2) Logo with text KAZINOPRO.COM;
3) Text font should not be the same as displayed in attached picture. Letters should be black color and in capital. Inside first letter "O" I want to have round shaped Latvian flag (as you can see it in the attachment). Inside second letter "O" I want to see something casino related (you can improvise here, for example, casino chip matched to website colors).

I want to have 3 versions of logo:
1) Size 173x40 with transparent background for my website (this logo will be shown @ upper left corner next to the menu section);
2) HD logo for my social networks;
3) Logo with [.com] and without extension displayed on it.

IMPORTANT: I believe that everyone reading this is talented and skillful freelancer. That is why I will accept totally different logo concept if you will come up with one. YOU CAN IMPROVISE and I am open to new ideas! ;) You can check my unfinished website colors, shapes etc. here:

Best regards,

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    Sir please check my entry #224 I hope you like this entry?

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  • Miad1234
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    please check my entries #222 & the most eye-catching
    LOGO DESIGN IN THIS CONTEST.100% Original Design.
    This design is easy to read, have a nice contrast,
    looks professional, uncopied and unique.

    let me know for any modification. we are very open
    to modification and your suggestion. thanks!

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    New logos uploaded

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    #164 sir check please

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    #162 check

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    check #154 thanks

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