Cloud at the intersection of business and technology

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I am an executive in the IT Services industry who has 20+ years of experience. At this stage of my career, I'd like to share my thoughts and ideas on this industry regularly but am unable to find time to put pen to paper.

I am looking for a native English speaking ghostwriter with a verifiable track record in writing high-quality articles/POV (point of view) about the IT industry, especially for the Financial Services industry. A typical POV will have original content, thought-provoking, will generate conversation, SEO optimised, 3 or 4 paragraphs ( 400 to 500 words), a well-defined structure, analytical in nature, researched and should give appropriate credits, a bit of humour (if possible), pictures (graphs, charts, flow charts, animation) as necessary.

I've recently written an article on Robotics Process Automation that you can see on my LinkedIn profile. Please follow the link

The first POV is on "Cloud at the intersection of business and technology in the financial services industry".

Please help me find a ghostwriter?



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  • Muqib
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    Dear Client, would you please clarify a bit more regarding your first POV? I mean what aspect you are looking for? Just a brief. Thanks.

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  • gornyo1
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    check #2. Thanks

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