Build x4 Twitch Sub Badges and 1 Sub Emote

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  • Zawadi: €10
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  • Mshindi: jasperkusama

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My Twitch Channel (ShayK47) has a running joke with LUBE. Yes lube. haha! So I want my Badges based on LUBE. I will include my current emote, but I did them myself and they are poor quality and do not look great when on twitch as such a small size. So the key to this project is simplicity to create high quality.

Uploaded Files:

Current Images: I have x4 Sub badges for 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year. And then there is 1 Emote. All of these images are based off the game Subnautica (Lube Item) Google it!

Idea Images: Google gave me some nice images after searching 'lube', 'lube cartoon' and 'lubricant'.

Main Logo: This is a logo I made, which I like. Maybe the emote can use something similar to this, similar color?

I really don't like my sub badges at the minute. I do however like my Emote (Three lubes spalsh in one). I would like this made higher quality / more shiny with a nice outline.

Also as you know if you use Twitch, the Sub Emote (4) they have to progressively get better / shinier! Make the 1 Year one the Best!? Or make them different colors. But without losing their shineyness!

p.s. Please make sure size requirements for Sub Badges and Emotes have been read. Each Iteam has to be uploaded in 3 sizes.


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  • JubairAhamed1
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    I have read your description in full, now i am thinking i deserve the 10 Eur just for reading that!
    Lots of requirements and such low price..

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
    1. SBarcoe
      Mwenye Shindano
      • Miaka 5 iliyopita

      Thank you dude! Appreciate your efforts!

      • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • SBarcoe
    Mwenye Shindano
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    Hey Guys. To make it easier. The Sub Badges, I would like them to be little tubes of lube. Nice colours. Thanks :)

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

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