Build a Website for Throcon Services Limited

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  • Zawadi: €90
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  • Mshindi: gopinathnaidu

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We need a professional, contemporary and straignt forward website for our company with the following to be considered:
- colors: dark tones for background (black or grey) / basic text-white & gold tones
-main tabs: home / about us / services / careers / contact us
Each tab will have other sub-tabs and I need to be able to edit such tabs.
-logo to be used attached in different formats
Please note that our company is dealing with corporate services, legalisation of documents and corpoarte law, therefore we need relevant photos for each tab.

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Bodi ya Ufafanuzi ya Umma

  • deepakinventor
    • Miaka 3 iliyopita

    if you want development at cheap price you can contact me.

    • Miaka 3 iliyopita
  • dreamsweb
    • Miaka 3 iliyopita

    you just need home page design in psd format or want all website develop?

    • Miaka 3 iliyopita
    1. Throconservices
      Mwenye Shindano
      • Miaka 3 iliyopita

      We would like all the website develop.

      • Miaka 3 iliyopita
    2. Throconservices
      Mwenye Shindano
      • Miaka 3 iliyopita

      Thank you!

      • Miaka 3 iliyopita

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