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I need a 4 section web site

1) Educational Consultant
One page first level (Slider - Services - Resources -Why Us - Blog - Second Language- Call to action- Log in _
second level - Services Explained (Boarding school Admission, College Admission, Application for College, Extra curriculum Buikd up for admission , Financial Aid, Testing, Tutoring on essay _ Resources Explained) - Blog extra pages (this gets updated on a weekly basis and it will be in two languages- English and Korean) - Set a call with us section

Same routine for Second Language
This site must be responsive and usually viewed via mobile
The log insets to a different platform but must remain in the same domain
All content is already prepared
Images to be selected after the architecture is done
The section in other languages are to be repeated with the ability to go back to the English page
The main purpose is to generate leads for a college counseling division for setting a call
On the same page, there is a way to download a guide in pdf by leaving name phone number and some checks on what is the interest. Also linking to a schedule that allows to schedule calls based on free time on agenda.

More info are available.

All to be done is a way that is fast and easy to update for us from time to time

Section to allow for SEO must be present

Examples are available for this

Keep in mind the web site aims to gather students to be admitted in either Boarding schools or to Colleges and helps parents to understand the process

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“Very professional and amazing work speed and accuracy. Will hire again.”

Picha ya Profaili AeangelGroup, United States.

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  • hostephen
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    Good day,
    I am ready to start working on a website that's based on WordPress. You mentioned you want your website to be fast - speed is kind of my game. My own website loads in under 600ms - less than 1 second for my target audience in the EU, and under 3s elsewhere.
    One issue we will have is the "Slider" that you want. Unless the slides are purely Images, sliders always add to a website's size and load time.
    So can you settle for a design without slider?

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • iamedjin
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    Hello there! i can definitely help you with your task. I can do it as soon as possible if you provide me the assets and needed files for the project. Kindly visit my portfolio for more proof that i am a builder of beautiful website design. Thank you!

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • Jayflash01
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    Can I Design the website now or make a sketch and if you like it i design full website?

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • zuttomultimedia
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita


    • Miaka 5 iliyopita
  • phthai
    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

    Hi there. can help you with the task. Please take a look at my portfolio for further details. Thanks!

    • Miaka 5 iliyopita

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