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Kutengeneza shindano kwenye freelancer.co.ke kunakufanya utazame mamia ya mawazo bunifu ya kipekee na ulipie tu ile utakayoipenda. Tunakuunganisha na zaidi ya wafanyakazi huru millioni 28.8 walio na ujuzi katika sehemu kama Ubunifu wa Logo, Ubunifu wa Michoro, Ubunifu wa Tovuti, ubunifu wa Kadi za Biashara, uzoefu wa Facebook na mitandao ya kijamii na zaidi. Hakuna haja ya kuweka matangazo ama kupeana kutenga nafasi ya kufanyia kazi, tuma tu shindano na tutakupatia majibu bora.

Kuanza ni rahisi! Mara wasilisho lako linapotumwa, utaweza kuona wasilisho ambazo wafanyakazi huru wanatuma, kuyakadiria na mwisho wa shindano, kumchagua mshindi.

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the Spy Shack .com creatives contest I need a few creatives built for an ecommerce site Im launching. The site uses the shoptimized theme for shopify. I need the following few items created for the site...a demo of the shoptimized template can be found here: [login to view URL] 1. Top Logo(180x600 max) (replaces the "Shoptimized" logo 2. 1 Banner/Slider (1280x600 max)for site-this should describe the top 3 reasons to... 4 Biashara za Kielektroniki, Ubunifu wa Picha, HTML, Vijisanduku vya Kununulia, Kubuni Tovuti Jun 23, 2018 Leo20h 43m $25
banner for an event The code for the day is: 1046. Included in Background: YetundeYemiYinkaHipHipHooray. Color if the day is: golden yellow and bottle green. june,23,2018 6 inch x 6 inch? 31 Ubunifu wa Bango, Ubunifu wa Picha Jun 22, 2018 Leo8h 39m $10
sketch video with voice over sketch video with voice over Needed ASAP Please recreate a video using this samples [login to view URL] Voiceover can be taken from the link below [login to view URL] Script Are you a business owner whos sick and tired of paying processing fees just to accept credit card payments from your customers? As a business owner, every dollar you make counts. When Credit card processing companies a... 4 After Effects, Sanaa ya vibonzo, Kuhariri Video, Kutengeneza Video, Huduma ya Video Jun 22, 2018 Leo5h 52m $250
posh wine menu looking for a posh/Luxury wine menu design. Gold and Black. Company"Broadway" (bar) 74 Ubunifu wa Picha, Ubunifu wa Logo, PHP Jun 22, 2018 Leo1h 2m $13
Design a Logo We need a logo for a company active in Forex. Bulls and candle sticks are two symbols of forex market. We just need these two symbols used in the logo (not other symbols). The company`s name is Mr. Chartist. We`re willing see your creativity. No copies or inspiration from other logos! If it`s proven that the logo is somehow copied, we will sue the designer with all respect for honest designers. Te... 0 Ubunifu wa Picha Jun 23, 2018 Leo6d 23h $10
Design a Website Mockup I need a website design for a tractor company. This is a long term project and which will include logo and app design as well after this contest ends feel free to use own creative approach, don't just stay with the ref website design. ref site : [login to view URL] 0 Ubunifu wa Picha, User Interface / IA, Kubuni Tovuti Jun 23, 2018 Leo3d 23h $15
Write me a great project review I need a summary and a technical review from a person that understands blockchain infrastructure and has good writing and critical thinking skill. 0 Blockchain, Uandishi wa vya utafiti Jun 23, 2018 Leo6d 22h $14
Need a logo for one of our Indian Cusine Brand We are a Hotels and Restaurant and Hotels company. We have a Brand which we would be registering. The logo should look very good, simple and should depict that there are many varieties, which are fresh and taste/smell/look good and the foodie is excited. These are just a group of dishes and not a meal. Can you come up to the challenge and create a fantastic idea. The Place is known as Side ... 1 Ubunifu wa Logo Jun 23, 2018 Leo6d 22h $22
NFT Video Animation I am looking to create video with animation to explain our product in our website. This our competitors video [login to view URL] 0 Vielelezo vya 3D, After Effects, Sanaa ya vibonzo, Kuhariri Video, Huduma ya Video Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 16h $510
Create animation for trailer video Create a seven second clip similar to [login to view URL] Where it is the face of the main character (in files) and his eyes (grey) are open with hair blowing before he closes them and blood trickles down his right eye. But he is wearing clothes 0 Vielelezo vya 3D, Sanaa ya vibonzo, Illustration, Kutengeneza Video, Huduma ya Video Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 10h $40
I need a expert on IBM iSeries/AS400 and DevOps tools I need an expert on IBM iSeries/AS400 that can guide me on how to transform to a more DevOps Culture and tool for testing and development. I will provide more information over chat or phone. Thank you in advance. 0 AS400 & iSeries Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 9h $300
Adobe Illustrator, Ubunifu wa Kubuni, Kutengeneza Michezo ya Kielektroniki, Ubunifu wa Picha Jun 22, 2018 Leo29d 9h
I need some Graphic Design I need to do a neuroimaging experiment where there is a horizontally moving ball associated with a sound. The faster the ball moves the higher the tone of the sound. In the middle of the trajectory of the ball, there is a box that hides the ball, but the sound is still there (the participant will have to predict when the ball is going to come out based on the sound). I need some scenarios such as ... 0 Ubunifu wa Picha, Matlab na Mathematica, Python, Unity 3D Jun 22, 2018 Leo6d 8h $45
4 Banner BusinessAdresse.ch I need 4 Banner for this site: [login to view URL] Explanation: On the site, clients can buy the firm addresses for directmarketing. I need 4 animated gif banners for the same Website: - Rectangle (300x250 pixels) - Skyscraper (160x600 pixels) - Leaderboard (728x90 pixels) - Teaser (200x200 pixels) 0 Ubunifu wa Picha, Illustrator, Ubunifu wa Logo, Photoshop, Ubunifu kwa Photoshop Jun 22, 2018 Leo13d 8h $20
создать сайт для фотографа Мне нужен сайт для фотографа . Главные пункты меню: HOME, GALLERY, ABOUT. В GALLERY следует показать коллекцию избранных фотографий (в виде больших превью), ведущих при клике, каждая, в свою субгалерею. Здесь должна иметься возможность создания новых субгалерей. Субгалереи изначально: LANDSCAPE, PEOPLE, SENSATLLATION, URBAN, POTPOURRI, BLOG. Внутри субгалереи находится лента/мозаика фото... 0 Ubunifu wa Picha, HTML, PHP, Kubuni Tovuti, WordPress Jun 22, 2018 Leo29d 7h $116
Build a reusable hobby website I am looking for a website to be developed using PHP and MySQL (and optionally Joomla or Wordpress) that will be used for different types of collectors (like coin, antiques, etc.) The site will need the following capabilities: 1. Home Page – editable by Admin only a. Member Login b. Join c. What’s new? d. Calendar of events (Database or google calendar driven) e. Informational a... 0 Ubunifu wa Picha, HTML, MySQL, PHP, Kubuni Tovuti Jun 22, 2018 Leo4d 5h $200
Design a banner THIS IS FOR A CANNABIS BRAND SO GIVE IT A CANNABIS/ STONER VIBEHi i want a banner like the attached like but i want someone to make it better, use the logo i attached and add green mountains with snow on top the mountains and i want smoke coming out. Please dont add any of the words that are on the example banner , just make a nice background banner for my logo. Be creative! 9 Adobe Illustrator, Ubunifu wa Picha Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20185d 8h $25
Create Display Box Need a small design for a display box that will hold e-liquid at convenience stores. We have provided a design concept with assets and required text. See ColoredDesign... and TopColoredDesign pdf's for concept. I also included .AI files so you can pull any assets you would need. All the text that is required in these files. Use your creative style to develop a design built from our layout usi... 1 Utambulisho wa Shirika, Vifurushi & Ufungaji, Ubunifu wa Picha Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20182d 6h $100
Animation needed of a funny conversation between two old ladies and a restaurant I need an animation made of a prank call two men disguising their voices as two old ladies calling a restaurant. Attached to this contest is the audio file you will need to animate to. In the call, the two old ladies call a local Waffle House looking to find out about their food and specials. The women then get put on hold where they begin having a funny conversation with each other. They ta... 0 2D Animation, Vielelezo vya 3D, Sanaa ya vibonzo, Flash Animation, Huduma ya Video Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 201810d 16h $170
60 seconds advertising and promotional video for my website, first half of video focuses on why to use my website and second half describes how to use/ guided tour of my website. 1- my website is a knowledge sharing platform available for all languages, you need to explain why to use my website in first 30 seconds of the video and in the second half ofthe video you need to focus on how to use my website like how to create accounts, how to update profile, how to post questions, how to give answers of others questions and other amazing things like ranking within website base... 0 After Effects, Sanaa ya vibonzo, Kuhariri Video, Kutengeneza Video, VideoScribe Jun 18, 2018 Jun 18, 201825d 15h $11
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