A5 Flyer for print + Web site banner templates for design, print (t shirt, roll ups, poster, ...)

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A5 Flyer template & 6 web ads (facebook, instagramm, website)
Content for eyecatch flyer - double sided full color:
- logo
- Contact details (address, telephone number, email)
- Website
- Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagramm)
- Company description (what we do. what are our selling points)
- Key services and benefits (link our services to how they will directly benefit our customers - brief and concise)
- Call to action
- Special offers (6 offer: 3 t shirt design offer, 3 web&printdesign)

these are then supplemented with our content, and then adjusted for 6 banner

!! best solutions are then selected and completed project.
For a long-term cooperation can be expected, ongoing for our customers !!

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“ 499/5000 The only thing that worked was the fast communication. an example was provided to him ... Although several times pointed out an eye catcher and quality to deliver, was always delivered not proffessional result. After several corrections he sent the files. Unfortunately, I can not use it. Maybe he just did not understand me, and you will have more luck in the future - I no longer - hope the money I can pay someone for another project.”

Picha ya Profaili naissus, Serbia.

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  • aes57974ae63cfd9
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    The design I have won has changed more than once with the change of information in full. I have changed the content more than six times and I have not said no to him. Over the course of the week he sends me information to be fair. It was not clear at all. This was not my problem. Much of the work and no one complained like him

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  • aes57974ae63cfd9
    • Miaka 2 iliyopita

    working sir pls #increaseprize

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  • Mouneem
    • Miaka 2 iliyopita


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  • tatyana08
    • Miaka 2 iliyopita

    Jel mozete da nam kazete malo vise o ovom projektu ?

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  • cristinacroitoru
    • Miaka 2 iliyopita

    Hello, can you provide the link of your website? and as well the logo? It will be a good starting point for a personalized flyer. Thank you!

    • Miaka 2 iliyopita
    1. naissus
      Mwenye Shindano
      • Miaka 2 iliyopita

      Hi, our logo is the same as freelancer profil logo. Website and more infos we will provide in phase #2

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